ENGIE RÉSEAUX : Biomass energy recovery


For ENGIE RÉSEAUX and its biomass heating plants in Ile de France at Saint-Denis and Sevran, Bossard Group contributed to the creation of a site at the forefront of innovation in terms of green energy. How ? With the design, installation and commissioning of electrical equipment and industrial automation. 


Sevran (93) : As a part of a biomass heating plant project, Sevran boiler plant was renovated from a High Pressure network to a Low Pressure network. 

Saint-Denis (93) : A biomass boiler plant was implemented in Fort de l’Est site in place of a cogeneration installed in 2000 (by BOSSARD). 

engie sevran chaufferie biomasse

As part of the transition from the High Pressure boiler to Low Pressure, BOSSARD implemented :

  • Renovation of generators 1 and 2
  • Electrical cabinet of cogeneration diverter 
  • Electrical cabinet controlling 4 network pumps
  • Cascade automation for generators to power up equipment in auto mode (SCHNEIDER M340 PLC)
  • Ethernet interconnection for all equipment for availability of information for CITECT supervision.
  • Power supply from main renovated switchboard to all boilers and conveyor line.
  • Electrical cabinet for the commons for all detectors and pumps (M340 Schneider PLC and its Magelis touch panel)
  • Fire detection and video surveillance across the site 
  • Site supervision Cimplicity Supervision software, Version 8.2 (General Electric).
  • Video wall screen in control room to display all synoptics.
  • WIFI implementation for operators to navigate on installation with tablets connected to the different panels and supervision 

Bossard contribution on this project :

  • To Interconnect all facilities dialogue and exchanges was essential (1 year of implementation)
  • Capacity in taking global projects : Design, cabinet, on site installation, programming and supervision, commissioning done solely by BOSSARD technicians.