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Multi-skilled and interconnected teams

How imagine and design complete systems for our customers ? Thanks to the capitalization of the knowledge of our teams : project managers, automation engineers, industrial designers, methods technicians, site or team leaders, electricians…


BOSSARD’s know-how : To be a multi-skilled integrator, specialized in electricity, automation and industrial IT. From the engineering to commissioning, we ensure a range of services and propose a complete and integrated offer.


HV/LV power generation
HV/LV electrical distribution
Low currents
HV/LV power generation
  • Electrical design from power available on the customer’s site (wind, photovoltaic, gas or diesel engine and steam turbine).
  • Design and installation of power plants
  • Generators, transformers, UPS, etc
  • Basic and detailed design
  • Equipment manufacturing (electrical cabinets, boxes, control desks, shelters) and integration of special equipment (HV substations, transformers, UPS)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Assistance and training.
HV/LV electrical distribution
  • Analysis of site’s requisitions,
  • Creation of single line diagrams and basic design,
  • Carrying out of calculation notes and detailed diagrams,
  • Equipment manufacturing : Fixed and withdrawable HV substations, main LV switchboards, distribution panels
  • Starters integration and HV/LV speed controllers
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Assistance and training.
Low currents
  • Fire detection and protection,
  • Explosimeter measurements,
  • Video monitoring systems,
  • IT wiring system.

Automation and industrial IT

Automation systems
Process control
Instrumentation : on safe areas / on explosion hazard areas (ATEX)
Automation systems
  • Analysis of needs and project specifications,
  • Design of the automation systems and architectures,
  • Performing functional and organic analysis,
  • Equipment manufacturing : cabinets, remote IO boxes,
  • Installation on site, commissioning and qualification (FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ, PQ)
  • Reference system  21CFR 11 GAMP 4-5
  • Assistance and training, remote maintenance.
Process control
  • Definition of networks architectures,
  • Configuration and parameter setting of control systems (SNCC) or SCADA systems (WONDERWARE, ROCKWELL, SIEMENS, DELTA V…)
  • Operator panels manufacturing
  • Installation and commissioning on site,
  • Assistance and training, remote maintenance, remote control.
Instrumentation : on safe areas / on explosion hazard areas (ATEX)
  • Needs analysis,
  • Definition and issues of technical specifications,
  • Manufacturing of cabinets and interface boxes,
  • Instrumentation supply and installation,
  • Control loops FAT
  • Assistance and training.

We develop our interest in independence, service and innovation

At the heart of the project : BOSSARD Project Manager

From the purchase order to the commissioning, just one contact : your project manager

The BOSSARD project manager plays a key role : to be the contact and single link with all project stakeholders. He analyses customer processes, relying on internal skills of the company (HV-LV electricity, automation, SCADA, Industrial IT, instrumentation…).

Your project manager makes information exchanges more fluid. He optimizes decision and intervention times to successfully complete your projects with effectiveness and reactivity.