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More than 4000 m² of warehouse and workshop

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Know-how and innovation made in France

BOSSARD has more than 4000 m² of workshops in Cholet (Maine-et-Loire). The group carries out the whole of its manufacturing equipment in the Pays de la Loire region. BOSSARD Group designs, produces, delivers and installs all type of cabinets, boxes, control desks, shelters, referring to automation or instrumentation (standard type or in the ATEX scope).

Electrical cabinets

  • Power (Fixed, disconnectable or withdrawable Main LV substation)
  • Motor control center (MCC) 
  • PLC
  • VSD, SoftStarter

Shelters and Skids

  • Compressor skid (baseplates),
  • Pump skid,
  • Power (HV/LV) and VSD shelters,
  • Process shelter

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Special cabinets

  • Hydraulic cabinet
  • Gas control cabinet
  • Pressurised and ATEX cabinets

Boxes and control desks

  • Remote I/O boxes,
  • Pneumatic system boxes,
  • Distribution panels,
  • Control desk for use in severe environments.

One of the strengths of BOSSARD is its adaptation capacity to all types of customers and their requests, from the more regular to the most specific or complex.

Our taste for the acquisition of new skills is reflected in the continuous training of our teams in innovative manufacturing processes.

All our achievements are carried out within the QSSE framework, a process used at BOSSARD Group since 2005.