AREVA : Integration of a fuel cell


Ajaccio – BOSSARD Group carried out for AREVA the integration of a 70 KW fuel cell, manufacturing of electrical equipment, their integration, mounting of piping and instrumentation.


Platform MYRTE : Implementation of coupling solar energy with hydrogen chain as a energy carrier to store renewable energy. 

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Aim of plateform MYRTE : Store energy via an electrolyser that transforms electricity in hydrogen and oyygen, during low consumption hours.

This energy is restored via a fuel cell, that converts back hydrogen and oxygen into electricity on the network during high consumption hours. This is to reduce the resort to thermal power plants. 

For this project, BOSSARD Group put in action the following steps: 

  • Integration of a 70 KW fuel cell 
  • Manufacturing of shelters, electrical cabinets 
  • Integration of equipments
  • Mounting of piping and instrumentation fitting in the shelter.