AET : Biomass-fired cogeneration plant


CBN Novillars (Besançon – 25) – Novillars Biomass cogeneration plant was developed and built by AET. For the third time, AET solicited BOSSARD for the carrying out of electrical work on the plant.


On a yearly basis, the CBN plant generates 153 GWh of green energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 105,000 people and 215,000 tonnes of steam, which was previously produced on fossil fuels.

In total, the CO2 emission is reduced by 77,000 t/year. The plant is fuelled with wood and sawmill residues sourced within a radius of 100 km from the plant.

logo AET

AET designed, built and did the commissioning of the biomass-fired plant, consisting of a boiler, flue gas treatment system, a 20 MW steam turbine generator and SNCC SIEMENS PCS7.

BOSSARD implemented :

  • Cable trays
  • Remote I/O boxes
  • Power cables and Control system
  • Network Profibus DP / Ethernet « copper » and fiber optic
  • Lighting and emergency lighting

The project represented for BOSSARD : 40 000 hours on site in 11 months (2017-2018), 90 km of laid on cable  and almost 10 000 m of cable trays.