ACB : Electrical equipment for civil and military aerospace


BOSSARD, ACB partner, builds electrical and pneumatic cabinets for metal forming structures design and built by ACB.


ACB, subsidiary of ARIES ALLIANCE Group, is world leader in metal forming solutions for aeronautics industry. Its process of production are sheet stretch forming, profile stretch forming, elastoforming, hot forming, superplastic forming, linear friction welding. ACB builds and installs machines for its aeronautical and aerospace clients all over the world. 

armoires presse SPF 160 T

In our workshop in Cholet we built and installed the following electrical equipment for ACB :

  • Power and control cabinets for heating circuit power supply
  • Pneumatic cabinet
  • Inert gas control cabinet¬†
  • Control system desk

BOSSARD added value :

To be able to conform to ACB aeronautical clients’ construction standards.