GENERAL ELECTRIC : Filters and process cabinets


For GE Power Conversion, BOSSARD Group implemented complete and comprehensive electrical equipment (25 anti-harmonic filters, 61 converter output filters, as well as 80 process cabinets and 38 ARL cabinets for LNG transportation).


Thanks to its production capacity, delivery and implementations all over the world, BOSSARD was able to meet requirements for its American client, GE Power Conversion, world giant in industrial and power solutions.

The challenge : Design and build a complete series of electrical equipment on a tight deadline.

Raccordement de puissance


Details of project : 

  • Implementation of Anti-harmonic filters for vessels (merchants, military, cruise vessels).
  • Voltage 6,6 kV and 11 kV
  • Manufacturing of 25 anti-harmonic filters for BPC, MLP, TAKE, FINCANTIERI
  • Manufacturing of 61 converter output filters
  • Manufacturing of 80 process cabinets, 38 ARL cabinets for LNG transportation
  • Manufacturing of energizing control system cabinets 

Project implementation :

  • FAT structures
  • Implementation of equipment on anti-vibrating and insulating support blocks:

# Selfs induction

# Resistances

# Capacitors 

# Voltage and current transformers

  • Production and installation of measurements acquisition cabinet
  • SIWOKUL 13,8 kV wiring connection
  • Electrical characteristics checking 

BOSSARD added value : to GE’s request, BOSSARD was able to provide staff to carry out cabinets modifications on a gas terminal in HOUSTON (TEXAS).