EAU DE PARIS : Replacement of automation equipment and centralised technical management


For EAU DE PARIS, BASIS, BOSSARD Group subsidiary located in Ile de France, proceeded with the replacement of automation equipment and centralised technical management system of Sorques water treatment plant (Spring waters refining).


Supervision and centralised technical management system had to be compatible with todays modern means of communication. The key issue was to keep the water production going.

BASIS Bossard Group added value : Our engineers are familiar with this process, as well as SORQUES plant specific challenges. SORQUES being one of the main transit point of water treatment production plant for the city of Paris.

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Centuries old aqueducts, sprawling piping system network, state-of-the-art water treatment plant … hydraulics installations that Eau de Paris manages for the City of Paris are historical, efficient and exceptional.

Overall valued at 10 billion Euros, this great heritage must constantly be maintained, renewed, developed, to keep the highest level of efficiency.

A main concern that Eau de Paris manages thanks to its team of experts.


To channel groundwater to the doorstep of Paris, Eau de Paris relies on three main aqueducts :  Vanne (77), Loing (77), Avre (28) a total of 470 km. Built between the end of XIXe and begining XXe century, these engineered structures have to be constantly maintained, rehabilitated and modernised .


When the water arrives at the doorsteps of Paris, it is kept in 5 tanks before it gets to the Parisians.

To treat groundwater, Eau de Paris has four water treatment plant built between 2004 and 2009. They are located in Sorques (77), Longueville (77), Saint-Cloud (92) and Haÿ-les-Roses (91). Two other plants specifically for river water treatment : Joinville and Orly (94) – older but renovated at the end of 1990.

Client expectations & BOSSARD – BASIS missions

To adapt to changes in automation technology and supervision system, Eau de Paris asks BOSSARD and BASIS its subsidiary, for the replacement of automation equipment and centralised technical management for SORQUES plant.


  • Fiber optic ethernet network infrastructure
  • Replacement of electrical cabinet and PLC
  • Replacement of 11 CAG refining management PLCs 
  • Concentrator PLC to collect information from other water treatment plants through MPLS links 
  • PLCs GE and RI connection to the new Ethernet fiber optic networks 
  • The migration of supervision for SORQUES and the other water treatment plants. Complete redesign of synoptic views, passage to Wonderware TAG Server redundant and RDP sessions for clients workstations.
  • Supply and implementation of a video wall including four 55″ screens.
  • Design of supervision screen views for the video wall
  • Display configuration on video wall via driving software
  • Staff training.