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Our subsidiary in Ile-de-France : BOSSARD BASIS

BOSSARD BASIS, subsidiary of BOSSARD Group since 2015, offers to companies of all sizes, both French or foreign, the integration of the latest technologies in the fields of process automation and industrial IT.

38, rue Paul Lafargue
93160 Noisy-le Grand – France

+33 (0)9 67 05 70 22

Bossard BASIS

Trades and skills

  • Industrial information technology
  • Automation systems
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Robotics
  • Technical building management
  • Electrical engineering.


  • Design and carrying out turn-key projects
  • Advice and expert assessments
  • Commissioning, operational start-up of industrial sites
  • Maintenance and operational assistance
  • Training
  • Special developments
  • After sales services.

Trump cards

  • Broad experience in the field
  • A variety of industrial areas
  • Worldwide references
  • Proven capacity for adaptation
  • Close links with Centres of Expertise
  • A wide knowledge of hardware and software 
  • Consultancy and Project Management
  • Technical expertise.

BOSSARD BASIS activities

Control systems and industrial process
Centralised technical management or technical building management
Expertise and audit
Control systems and industrial process

  • Water treatment
  • Waste treatment and management
  • Power production
  • Thermal power plants
  • Industries
  • Extractive metallurgy and steel making
  • Transport
  • Automotive industry

Automation (SCHNEIDER, ROCKWELL, SIEMENS, OMRON, WAGO…) industrial IT (Many years of experience with Intouch, IAS, RSView, WinCC, PCVue, PANORAMA, Topkapi softwares, …)

Some examples of achievements :

  • Flaring compressor for oil industry,
  • Research and development centre for agri-food industry
  • Automotive assembly line,
  • Labelling and packaging of pharmaceuticals,
  • Electrolysis for copper production,
  • Treatment and recovery of waste,
  • EAU DE PARIS : Installation of video wall for control system centre, automation of distribution installations for electrical plant of Saint-Cloud, implementation of several workshops and SCADA for Sorques plant.
Centralised technical management or technical building management

Tool implementation enabling the control of all technical equipment of the same place.


Maintenance of installations carried out on the following sites :

Remote maintenance 24 hours a day :

Expertise and audit

BASIS is always searching for available, relevant and precise information whose analysis can allow an appreciable improvement in the process control, operation of quality, production efficiency and safety of process.

System stabilization, optimization of resources (raw materials, power, …) and of the process, investigating and designing the “revamping” of existing installations, targets defined by BASIS, can lead to very significant returns on the investment.

The optimization of processes and utilities consumption, it is also the reduction of costs, the increase in productivity or availability, the reduction of unexpected developments.


Thanks to partnerships with the best software solutions and material and technical know-how of its staff, BOSSARD BASIS ensures to its customers to achieve effective implementation of its installations.