MAUREL & PROM : Global electrical partnership export (Gabon)


Maurel & Prom is an oil company specializing in exploration and production of hydrocarbons.  From scratch, BOSSARD designed and built the electrical installation and control system of ONAL production plant and COUCAL export oil plant.


From the start of production to conversion of oil wells, MAUREL & PROM found a reliable partner to accompany them in production of electricity, automation, control system and supervision.


Characteristics of MAUREL & PROM oil field :

  • Extraction, processing and pipeline transport of crude oil in Gabon
  • 30 oil wells on 10 pumping sites
  • 8 MVA, 6,6/20 kV energy production plant
  • 125 km of pipeline with 4 recompression and reheating stations
  • Pipeline terminal station, around 25 000 barrels / day
  • Water treatment and injection unit
  • Living area
logo maurel et prom gabon


  • Construction of 32 electrical shelters to provide electricity on ONAL production plant, to all oil treatment equipment and oil wells, since 2008.
  • Definition and programming of control system with PLCs and ROCKWELL supervision, for the entire oil plant.
  • Control system (25 PLCs Rockwell)
  • Clients / server based SCADA
  • 250 km of fibre optic communication network
  • Commissioning of installation and development of the system for the past 10 years. 

Bossard added value :

  • Great design capacity
  • Follow-up of developments 
  • Tailor made solutions according to client needs.