Following the redundancy works of Fire control plans piping circuits, BOSSARD proceeded to :

  • Automation of DCI (Fire Control Plans scenarios) and new groups “Water” and “Emulsifier”,
  • Instrumentation of Pipe loading / unloading boat (Landing stage),
  • Automation and supervision of measurements,
  • GPRS router communication on isolated sites,
  • Instrumentation and temperature monitoring of storage tanks,
  • Triggering of telephone calls,
  • Updating of the supervision views.

Dépôt pétrolier de Béthencourt

SDLP – Béthencourt oil depot – Port of La Pallice in La Rochelle (17).


Vue supervision stockage Béthencourt

Supervision view “Storage area of Béthencourt”

This project started in October 2018 and has just ended. We wish it to give complete satisfaction to our customer! Bossard has already collaborated with SDLP see the reference in question.